Gallery Specialties

In 2001 we completed the St. Francis Xavier Basilica in Dyersville Iowa. This project of 21 months took all of our company’s skill and talents to complete. From top to bottom this beautiful structure was decorated like many of the southern German Catholic churches.

Under the direction of Pastor Ed Petty, our crew uncovered century old designs and stencils. The most notable is the dado border, which was recreated to bring a finished look to the design along windows and to match architecturally with the entablature border. Over 30 different colors were hand matched by our artisans.

The decorative work included the faux drapery on the sanctuary walls, the marbleizing of columns on side altars, and the altar of sacrifice over 2000 rolls of 23kt gold leaf. The murals that were originally done by Alphonse Breilmeier and his sister Lottie in 1904, were cleaned, touched up and preserved.

All statuary, including stations of the cross were completely redone to bring together the finishing touches of what is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the Midwest.

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